HEY! You can call me J…

So, where do I begin… I have always struggled writing these things. this is supposed to be a short paragraph about me, but to be honest I am only just starting to learn who I really am now. So instead of telling you who I am and what I do, I am just going to tell you why…

I started this blog for so many reasons,  be it – to vent my mind, write my thoughts down, find an escape from the realities of a young person. Life at times can feel like a complete clusterf*ck of weird and wonderful situations, this is simply my way of dealing with it…

So what can you expect reading this… Nothing! It is not meant to be anything but a place for me, to just be me. No guarantees, no pressure, no obligations… just my little world of randomness , and thus why I have kept in anonymous!

If you perhaps are in a similar spot and want to come along for the ride – awesome! Let me know your thoughts, contribute a post, tell your grandma, hell… do what ever makes you smile.

Anyway… That was pretty pointless… So just go read my blog!

Be Happy,