The start up stash.

This year I decided to take the risk and start a small company (more on that another time). Firstly, as a new comer to this game – it can be fucking difficult! Not knowing where to begin and secondly having no money to get any decent help. You have to learn to be resourceful to survive.
I stumbled across this gem of a website  called ‘Startupstash and it really has become one of my go to entrepreneurship sources.
Startupstash is the easiest way to find resources and tools that can help you whilst building your startup. It has over 400 resources and tools that have been indexed perfectly to the function needed. I really do turn to it often when stuck or looking for something specific.
You will be amazed to find what is available out there and how easy it can be to do functions that might cost you a fortune if outsourced.
If you starting a company or just interested in finding some really awesome tools for your everyday job, I really do suggest you go have look at their website.
Hope this was some-what helpful.
Anyway, Be Happy.

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