I can’t decide…

Decisions. In life there are no such things as decisions. Instead there are attempts to stand up and surf on the tide of inevitability. Catch the wave – you made the right decision. Make the wrong decision- you wipe out, crash against the sand and find yourself standing there on the overpopulated beach without any boardshorts on. The embarrassment sucks.

Well that is certainly how it feels to me, but I try go with it – I tell myself;  you not losing if your learning.

So many of us are afraid of making decisions, and afraid of being wrong. We rather not make a decision than be the person who made the wrong one? So we sit back and wait for someone to make the choice for us or wait until we have no choice and just have to go with our gut feel.

The truth is, procrastination is a decision. It’s the decision to put off making a decision. It’s the most intensive form of decision-making. You have to make a decision every 5 minutes to put off the proper big decision you should have made in the first place.

There are two types of people in this world. First, the people who make decisions – the proactive type. Constantly making decisions to give you the impression that they actually know what they are doing and are in full control. Even when things turn to shit, they just make another decision to get out of the mess (I prefer these people, least they moving). Then the friend we all have, the ones that hate making a decision. We all know one. They are so afraid of responsibility, of making the wrong turn that the paranoia kills them. They would rather let other people take responsibility for their actions and claim permanent victim status than be the one to initiate anything. Sounds annoying hey?


If you don’t know this person, you most probably are him. That’s okay, it’s never to late to reflect on things and change it. Let’s face the music, nothing great was ever spoken about the person who just went with the flow. You do not want to be the cheerleader to your own story. That is not living my friend.

In reality the small choices we make  may define us, but not for ever. In reality, life works in a circle. The decision you make may seem perfect right now, turn out to be not exactly ideal and then settle to be okay. That’s life, it moves around and changes everyday.

So today I challenge you to control your own destiny. Ask yourself what you have been putting off for so long. What is that one thing you keep not wanting to face because you to afraid of the outcome…

Do it with me… decide to make a choice!

Of course after all this,  I could just be talking a load of shit. It’s up to you to decide.





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