Where the F*ck do I start… (First blog post)

Welcome. Hello. Hi. Ola.

So my first blog… where the fuck do I begin. Maybe with why a blog?!

As a person, I struggle expressing myself. I have so much to say but seem to freeze when finding that outlet.

I have a creative gene that runs through me but can’t seem to let it out. Not sure why – Possibly because I am just to shy AF, but more than likely I’m just scared of the possibility of failure.

So this year… 2017, and keeping up with the #newyearnew me bullshit.  I decided to challenge myself. My goal is to create something. Put it out there in the big bad world to see what happens.

It is so hard overcoming fears, but the reality is if we never embrace that fear, we never really find what is on the other side. We live in this walled off reality of ‘what if’ or what could have been, never stepping outside of our comfort zone.

So here goes nothing…

My blog has 4 categories… Health, wealth, social and random. I made it this way because thats exactly how I choose to live my life. I believe you need to find balance in all four categories, to be truly satisfied and happy.

I believe life should be simple. Let me explain further;


First you have, the health section. This is the part that involves being active. You need to move… humans were not designed to sit behind a desk or on a couch all day. Get up and move! In this catergory I will talk about anything to do with being healthy. It can include starting a new sport, funny things at the gym or even just the difficulty in not eating that last oreo. (P.S there is no chance of this ever becoming a fitness blog.)

Second, wealth. Money rules the world. Unfortunately we all need to work. We need the paper to do things that make us happy. After a bit of  work experience,I chose a life of entrepreneur. This section I will talk about starting a new business, taking that new venture… or any cool shit that I think might help you if you are in the same boat or thinking about doing it.

Third! Social. We are human beings – every part of us is designed to engage with other homosapiens. As difficult as it might be sometimes. In this category, I will talk about friends, relationships, places to go. Really anything that includes another human being.

Last, random. This is the pointless stuff… this stuff just makes our day a bit brighter. Be it a random picture, a funny video or even a song that might get you going in the morning. I believe  if it makes you happy – share it, spread it. Nobody can ever laugh or smile to much.

So now you know what you may find if you happen to stumble back here… That’s all for now.


Be happy,





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